Our Story

As someone who had spent many Eids away from my family due to work or studies, I often felt a strong desire for more fun, spirituality, and connectedness on this special day. 


When I became pregnant with my first, I realized the urge to pass on the heritage of my spirituality to the next generation. It was a few years ago and Eid was approaching. We were about to gather at my in-laws and celebrate with my husband’s family. It was an opportunity to change things. 


With arts and crafts supplies and a printer, I created a board game on the theme of Hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage. My goal was to have an educational tool but also a mindful and fun activity that would allow us to have deeper conversations and know each other better. The whole family loved it and encouraged me to produce the game.


pilgrims of life

First prototype of the board game Pilgrims of Life® 

Fast forward a few years later, the board game Pilgrims of Life® is finally seeing light. I wanted to create a beautiful object, minimalist and modern that can be a decor piece in any space. But most importantly, an activity for friends and families that makes us feel the spirit of Eid. 


My hope is that this game will create joyful moments, give you an opportunity to introspect, and increase connectedness between you and your loved one.


Peace be upon you,


* You can see more photos of the game on our Instagram.