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As a pilgrim, you embark on a journey to perform the rituals of Hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage. On this journey, you learn about Hajj, but also yourself and your fellow travels.

  • More than 150 facts about Hajj and the Islamic spirituality
  • More than 150 questions to reflect on yourself and the other players
  • A step-by-step overview of the pilgrimage and its different rituals
  • A deep dive in the history and meaning of Hajj
  • An opportunity to deepen your relationship with your spirituality, yourself, and the other players
  • An introspection exercise to assess where you are in life

the pilgrimage spirituality


Do you dream of accomplishing the sacred pilgrimage to Mecca one day? This game allows you and your loved ones to learn the rituals of Hajj and to perform them throughout the game. Because we deliver the facts in bite-size pieces, it is light but insightful learning.

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it's about you


Do you wish you had a space to talk about deeper topics like goals, dreams, accomplishments, challenges, values, fears? What if you could have deeper conversations with your family members, teenage kids, friends, and relatives? The game invites the players to talk about aspects of themselves that are rarely visited in every day conversations.

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If you live in a non-Muslim country and ever spent Eid watching TV or going to work/school, this one is for you. We wanted to have our special tradition to celebrate Eid the right way! The perfect excuse to gather your friends and family for Eid and share more than just food.

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The minimalist modern design makes it a perfect addition to your living room collection and an elegant gift for any occasion.

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FSC® Certified Paper and Cardboard

Manufacturing a product at a large scale is a responsibility that we don't take lightly. All paper and cardboard used in the game comes from sustainably managed forest and are certified FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council).

No plastic insert

Most board games use plastic inserts to hold cards and pieces. We use exclusively a cardboard based insert, a durable, eco-friendly alternative that works just as well!

Biodegradable shrink wrap

The wrap used to protect the game before it arrives to you is made of a biodegradable material that will decompose after 2-3 years (compared to standard plastic film that can take several hundred years to decompose).

Non toxic ink

Most inks used for printing are petrol based inks that damage the environment. Pilgrims of Life® games are made exclusively with a water based ink that not only helps decrease the output of carbon into the atmosphere, but is also a lot safer, as no lead or soluble heavy metals are present in it. 

Customer Reviews

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Meg L.
Think you know your friends and family? Want to REALLY get to know new friends?

This beautifully designed and thought- provoking game has given my family and friends the opportunity to know one another on a whole new level in a fun and engaging manner. The game poses questions that elicit answers that reflect the values and the nature of the players. Playing the game is also a great way to get to know new friends in a meaningful way. Some of my family members are using the game to get to know potential suitors!

Safeeyah C.S.
A must have game!!!

Pilgrims of Life board games is its stunning artwork and high-quality components. Each piece and question is beautifully crafted, immersing you further into the game's rich and immersive world. it's clear that a lot of care and attention to detail went into every aspect of the game's design.

What truly makes Pilgrims of Life shine is its ability to bring people together. Whether you're playing with family, friends, or even strangers, you will learn and get close to each other in ways you never imagine.The game fosters camaraderie and laughter as you work towards a the kaaba It's the perfect way to spend an evening with loved ones, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Overall, Pilgrims of Life is a must-have addition to any game collection. Its captivating gameplay, stunning visuals, and ability to bring people together make it a standout choice for game night or any occasion. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with laughter, strategy, and endless fun!

Great game

We're fans of board games, but this game takes things to a whole new level!
It's like embarking on a journey to Hajj, immersing yourself in the rituals while getting to know your fellow players who become your travel buddies. It's all about sharing, caring, and, most importantly, having an absolute blast together! Highly recommended!

shumaila k.
Meaningful game

Outstanding board game to have around the table with family, friends. It’s open ended, inviting to all even non-Muslims. It builds understanding, empathy. Helps build relationships when everyone shares their perspectives. The layout and quality of the materials is superb. I highly recommend this for anyone as a gift to yourself and others.

Nada T.

MashallAh what a beautiful idea! Perfect timing for Ramadan!